Great ideas from the team for discovering Reims and its region ! 

Spending a weekend in Reims doing the sights? Looking for ideas to get the best out of your stay in Reims? What could be better than asking our teams what they prefer?! We live in Reims or right next to it, so we have our best picks and great ideas for where to go… and we’d love to share them all with you! A stroll in a park, a market to explore, an unusual bar… Here are our ideas for discovering Reims !

Martine’s top tips

‘La Caravane’ a lovely place where you can eat, dress up, have fun, dance, etc… ‘Get out’ to play at being Sherlock Holmes and ‘Kineo Spa’ for a bit of calm relaxation after all that !

La caravane à reims Get-Out escape game à reims lieu de détente à reims

Caroline’s top tips 

‘The Taittinger Champagne Cellars’ 18 metres underground, beneath the Saint-Nicaise Hill, lie thousands of bottles of Champagne surrounded by Gallo-Roman chalk pits! Round it off with a tasting (obviously!). Continue with an outing to the Reims Opera House! The city of Reims is fortunate enough to have such a beautiful opera house. This ‘Grand Theatre’, built in the Italian style, opened in 1873 and is one of the most beautiful opera houses in France. While at a performance, you can admire its magnificent ceiling covered in frescoes and its superb ‘shield’ chandelier.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "cave de champagne"   spectacle à l'opéra de reims

Samira’s top tips 

‘The Reims Champagne Automobile Museum’ the 5th largest motor museum in France! Here you’ll find old vehicles which have played a key role in automobile history, unique prototypes which were never sold. Really enjoyable and amazing, for all ages!

Le musée de l'automobile

Marine’s top tips 

Discover Champagne the drink and Champagne the region! Meet the wine-growers’, then head off to the Verzenay Lighthouse.

rencontrez les vignerons de Champagne Phare de Verzenay

Lucie’s top tips 

‘La Comédie’ et ‘La Cartonnerie’ for some entertainment and culture…

La Comédie La Cartonnerie

Feeling peckish ? Try ‘Chez Joseph’, or ‘Sacré Burger’ for a light bite or something more substantial…

Chez Joseph Sacré Burger 

In the afternoon, head out to the ‘Gueux circuit’ and visit the surrounding area on the ‘Champagne Road’ and the Montagne de Reims park.

Le circuit de Gueux La Route du Champagne

Mélanie’s top tips 

‘Segway tour’ : visit Reims in a novel, sporty way with a segway…

Balade en segway


Laurent’s top tips

Visit ‘Sacrés Fermiers’ at Cernay-les-Reims and sample the farm’s products and other local products !

Sacrés Fermiers

Go further afield : visit the region 

Discovering tourist attractions : 


Heritage, traditions, gastronomy… The C.I.S. Champagne suggests places to visit to help you plan your stay and explore our beautiful region! There are a thousand good reasons to indulge yourself!

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Les partenaires de notre signalétique touristique : 83 sites touristiques de Champagne-Ardenne ont leur nom et leur visuel sur 1 des plaques des 84 portes de chambres du C.I.S. Le projet : trouver une signalétique originale valorisant des sites touristiques et éveiller la curiosité de nos passagers, les inciter à découvrir notre région et cela, en se promenant dans notre centre. Le C.I.S., on y dort mais c’est aussi la porte d’entrée du tourisme en champagne-Ardenne.

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 To give you ideas and help you put together your stay!

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