Reims was one of the cities most destroyed during the First World War.
Rebuilt in the 1920s, it boasts a wide variety of architecture, particularly art-deco !

Reims: Art-Deco destruction and reconstruction

Visit Reims with our guide and wander the streets of the historic city centre.

The Dragon’s Cave and the Chemin des Dames

In 1915, the Germans took possession of this quarry and called it “Drachenhöhle”. More than just a shelter, it was a strategic military location.

After the visit, a 1.5-hour bus tour of the Chemin des Dames awaits you: Plateau de Californie, Craonne and the Monument des Basques are just some of the stops on this tour.

The Suippes Interpretation Centre and the Massiges Main Trenches.

In this modern, lively museum, discover a large collection of iconographic images and many period testimonies. A group of enthusiasts have restored the Massiges trenches!

The Verzenay Lighthouse and Vine Museum

It became an observation tower and was unfortunately partly destroyed by German shells!

In 1999, the vineyard museum was inaugurated and the lighthouse was once again accessible by climbing its 101 steps! The 360° view over the vineyards is well worth the effort!

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